October 2022

Door Zone Bike Lanes -- Stay Out!

It is an unfortunate comprimise that bike lanes are placed next to parked cars. The addition of bike lanes on roadways that already include car parking can be problematic. It takes a lot of political will to remove on-street parking...sometimes the parking spaces win over providing adequate safety for cyclists using the bike lane. If you find on-street parking next to your bike lane...get out of that bike lane! While motorists are required to look before exiting their vehicle, you can not rely on current human behavior. Use the travel lane or find an alternate route (we would be happy to help).

We Are Traffic worked with the City of Toledo on the new bikes lanes that were installed on Bancroft in front of UT and recommended moving the buffer between the parked cars and the bike travel lane (read the story here). We were not successful on Bancroft closer to downtown where DZBL's exist, please be careful.