Adventure Cycling

When Men Take Off Their Pants

When a kind act holds other motives, Laura activates her defenses: bear spray, strong cycling legs, and laughter.

Road Test: BULLS Lacuba EVO Lite

Have the Germans at BULLS finally put range anxiety to rest? The new Lacuba EVO offers triple-digit mileage from a single battery.

Biking to Bears

Laura’s memory of cycling through Alaska is layered with show tunes, pine cones, and extraordinary bear attacks never recorded by humankind.

Dirt Touring Basics

Whether you call it bikepacking or gravel touring, adventure cycling on dirt has seven important elements to keep in mind.

Geared Up: Deep Summer

Late-season favorites to cover you for the last of the dog days and the onset of fall riding.

Bagpiping with the Burley Travoy

You think you’ve got the right equipment to put this versatile hauler to the test? We asked our resident bagpiper (seriously) to put the new Travoy through its paces.

A Bike('s) Tour

COVID-19 canceled the ride, but the author’s bike still managed an epic tour all on its own.

Basket Case

If it’s true that you “pack your fears” when on tour, then what’s it mean to pack a neurotic pup along for the ride?

Where the Pavement Ends

Eight tips to help the intrigued road cyclist transition to gravel touring and bikepacking.

Strong as an Oaks

An adventurous mom sets out on the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail with her 16-year-old son.

Geared Up: If you can find it edition

Tried to buy a bike, part, or accessory lately? Good luck — inventories are tight everywhere. But if you’re willing to watch for items coming back into stock, these are a few good ones.

Road Test: Marin Gestalt X10

Marin is known for good value and the Gestalt X10 offers a whole that’s more — but cheaper! — than the sum of its parts.

Our Editors' Favorite Online Resources

We dole out a lot of bike buying advice in print, online, on the phone, and to one another. Here’s a rundown of the resources Adventure Cyclist editors regularly visit for ideas and comparison tools.